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Come see the newest, comprehensive, state of the art, fitness facility serving the East End community and surrounding areas.  The Gym at East End, offers two different facilities to help meet your fitness needs:  The Gym and The Class.  We are committed to providing a fun, safe, clean, and positive environment for your fitness needs.  We understand your long-term wellness goals involve more than just physical fitness.  Our job is to ensure The Gym facilities do everything possible to support your wellness goals by providing a comfortable environment, clean equipment, clean facilities, training support, encouraging atmosphere, equipment orientation, safe facilities, and even a competitive environment (when needed). Our goal is to ensure the The Gym facilities do everything possible to support your holistic wellness efforts.  


The primary fitness facility includes a complete fitness gym equipped with multiple cardio machines such as treadmills, ellipticals, and recumbent bicycle. All cardio equipment is oriented towards exterior windows and TVs providing you with multiple options to pass the time while getting your cardio workout. In addition to cardio equipment, The Gym provides multiple options for your lifting needs.  These include circuit machines, free-weights, dumbbells, and more - all of which provide multiple ways to achieve results. 

The Gym is equipped with an awesome sound system, multiple TVs, wifi internet, mirror walls, bright lighting, and everything you need to monitor your workout efforts and results.   

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In addition to The Gym, we offer a new classroom environment to host new fitness classes, instructional courses, and small group meetings.  We refer to this part of the facility as The Classroom. It is equipped with an awesome sound system, mirror wall, and soft flooring to support the group fitness setting.

The Classroom will host multiple types of events including dance fit classes, HIIT workouts, low-impact classes, small group meetings, and other group events. Classes will be offered to members (unlimited access to all classes) and non-members (fees apply) alike.  The goal of The Classroom is to help you maximize the benefits of social fitness and connection. 

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